Zürich, Wednesday 12 June 2019 – The World Federation of Exchanges ("WFE"), the global industry group for exchanges and CCPs, today held the second of its three annual 70-member Working Committee (WoCo) meetings. The meeting was hosted by SIX Swiss Exchange in Zürich, Switzerland.

The WFE WoCo consists of representatives from all 70 WFE members. Its role is to discuss and agree the ongoing work of the WFE and its forward agenda. The WoCo meeting combines public policy work with capacity building sessions and seminars, and also provides a forum where key issues impacting the industry and market structure more broadly are considered. As a result, the WoCo ensures that the WFE and its members continue to remain aware of and responsive to the issues that affect its broader stakeholders.

Topics under discussion at today’s meeting included: market fragmentation; market microstructure; ETF data and regulatory perspectives; market structure for crypto assets; the role of regulatory cooperation in fostering cross-border investment; the WFE’s Securities Market Outlook; and an update on the current regulatory themes in the WFE’s CCP workstream.

Dr Urs Rüegsegger, Chairman, WFE, said: "The first half of 2019 has seen the WFE move very quickly into a proactive advocacy position on a range of business-critical issues, particularly market data pricing and regulatory coherence. This momentum will be maintained in the second half of the year, with the federation continuing to push forward an advocacy agenda that is crucial to the future of our industry. The WFE WoCo and Board looks forward to working with Nandini as she leads her dynamic team into the next phase of the WFE’s operations.”

Nandini Sukumar, Chief Executive Officer, WFE said: "The WoCo meeting in Zürich addressed fundamental issues that will impact exchanges and clearing houses in the immediate and long-term future. We thank our WoCo members for contributing to these discussions, as well as for sharing best practice recommendations and know-how that helps to drive the important output of the WFE. In the second half of 2019, we will continue to work together to grow our collective knowledge, and to deliver impactful results to our members and industry stakeholders.”


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