Regulatory Affairs

Regulation can make the difference between markets that inspire confidence and markets that don’t. The WFE champions effective rules for the modern, global economy and its future growth.

Our unique perspective comes from uniting authorised exchanges and central counterparties (CCPs) worldwide. With extensive experience of developing and enforcing high standards, WFE members support an orderly, secure, fair and transparent environment for investors; for companies that raise capital; and for all who face risk. 

The WFE updates members on legislative developments. We analyse evidence, encourage debate and seek outcomes that maximise the common good. We also engage with major policymakers in an open, collaborative way, reflecting the central, public role that exchanges and CCPs perform in an internationally integrated financial system.

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WFE animation on market data

Published: 16 Dec 2019
The WFE has released an animation designed to educate stakeholders on the importance of valuing stock market data correctly for users who profit from it. The animation forms part of the WFE’s work to ensure that role of exchanges in creating market data is well understood.
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Our Regulatory Affairs Team

Our Regulatory Affairs team brings experience and expertise in public policy, regulation and international relations. With more than 30 years of combined experience, it drives our advocacy programme. Through our work with and on behalf of our members, we help build and protect effective markets.

  • Richard Metcalfe

    Richard Metcalfe

    Head of Regulatory Affairs
  • Richard Fenner

    Richard Fenner

    Manager, Regulatory Affairs
  • Sana Awan

    Sana Awan

    Manager, Regulatory Affairs
  • Daragh McDowell

    Daragh McDowell

    Manager, Regulatory Affairs
  • Ivanka Damyanova

    Ivanka Damyanova

    Associate Manager, Regulatory Affairs