Meet the team

  • Nandini Sukumar

    Nandini Sukumar

  • Anna Watson

    Anna Watson

    Head of Communications
  • Lily Daunt

    Lily Daunt

    Manager, Membership Services
  • Antoinette Di Massa

    Antoinette Di Massa

    Membership & Events Coordinator
  • Axel Jacob

    Axel Jacob

    Manager, Operations & Finance
  • Richard Metcalfe

    Richard Metcalfe

    Head of Regulatory Affairs
  • Richard Fenner

    Richard Fenner

    Manager, Regulatory Affairs
  • Annika Sagoo

    Annika Sagoo

    Associate, Regulatory Affairs
  • Lisa Remke

    Lisa Remke

    Policy Analyst, Regulatory Affairs
  • Siobhan Cleary

    Siobhan Cleary

    Head of Research & Public Policy
  • Stefano Alderighi

    Stefano Alderighi

    Senior Economist - Researcher
  • Kenix Lee

    Kenix Lee

    Senior Economist - Researcher
  • Padmasai Varanasi

    Padmasai Varanasi

    Junior Economist - Statistician