Meet the team

  • Nandini Sukumar

    Nandini Sukumar

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Richard Metcalfe

    Richard Metcalfe

    Head of Regulatory Affairs
  • Dr. Pedro Gurrola-Perez

    Dr. Pedro Gurrola-Perez

    Head of Research
  • Bill Speth

    Bill Speth

    Advisor to the CEO
  • Antoinette Di Massa

    Antoinette Di Massa

    Coordinator, Membership & Events
  • Mansingh Patil

    Mansingh Patil

    Manager, Business Operations & Office of the CEO
  • Axel Jacob

    Axel Jacob

    Manager, Operations & Finance
  • Dr. Stefano Alderighi

    Dr. Stefano Alderighi

    Senior Economist - Researcher
  • Dr. Kaitao Lin

    Dr. Kaitao Lin

  • Mihaela Croitoru

    Mihaela Croitoru

    Manager, WFE Database
  • Richard Fenner

    Richard Fenner

    Manager, Regulatory Affairs
  • Jonathan Pallant

    Jonathan Pallant

    Manager, Regulatory Affairs
  • Mushtaq Ahmed

    Mushtaq Ahmed

    Manager, Regulatory Affairs
  • Bill Yelverton

    Bill Yelverton

    Streets Consulting