August 5, 2014

The World Federation of Exchanges Ltd. published its first-half Statistics Market Highlights report. The main trends for this first six months of the years were: 

  • The value of share trading rose 10% worldwide to 29.7 trillion USD from the second-half of 2013 (+6.8% year on year). 
  • The number of trades rose 10% from the second-half of 2013 (+12% year on year); the average value of trades decreased. 
  • A continuing strong performance of equity markets, Global Market Capitalization rose 6% to 68.7 trillion USD from the second-half of 2013 (+21% year on year.) 
  • Good performance of IPO markets and investment flows. The number of IPOs fell 11% compared to the second half of 2013 but increased 42% year on year. Total investment flows in USD increased 17% compared to the second-half of 2013 (+11% year on year.)

"Exchanges serve the real economy every day,'' said Hüseyin Erkan, CEO of WFE. ''As volumes recover and companies seek capital to fund themselves, market operators will play an even greater role. The recent concerns have focused investor interest in markets that are transparent and regulated.'' 

The numbers are interesting. After several years of decline we are witnessing signs of a recovery in exchange volumes in the recent period" said Grégoire Naacke, Senior Analyst at the WFE. ''The IPO numbers mirror this trend. The number of companies coming to market has surged. The question now is will it last. As regulatory mandates begin to take effect will there be a greater shift from OTC to exchange.'' 

Please click here to view the full version of the report.

Any statistics used must be attributed to the WFE.

Value of Electronic Order Book (EOB) share trading in trillion USD

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