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Organisations  -  Total = 82
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange Opening Bell 04-Oct
Amman Stock Exchange Opening Bell TBD
Aquis Exchange PLC Opening Bell 05-Oct
Armenia Securities Exchange Opening Bell 08-Oct
Astana International Exchange Opening Bell 04-Oct
Athens Stock Exchange Closing Bell 07-Oct
B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão Opening Bell 04-Oct
Bahrain Bourse Opening Bell 04-Oct
Baku Stock Exchange Opening Bell 07-Oct
BME Spanish Exchanges Opening Bell 04-Oct
Bolsa Centroamericana de Valores Honduras Opening Bell 04-Oct
Bolsa de Santiago Opening Bell 06-Oct
Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo S.A. Opening Bell 06-Oct
Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Opening Bell 04-Oct
Borsa Istanbul Opening Bell 04-Oct
Borsa Italiana Opening Bell 04-Oct
Botswana Stock Exchange Opening Bell 09-Oct
Boursa Kuwait Closing Bell 06-Oct
Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières S.A. Opening Bell 08-Oct
Bursa Malaysia Opening Bell 06-Oct
Cboe Global Markets Closing Bell 08-Oct
China Financial Futures Exchange  Other 29-Sept
China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited Other 29-Sept
Chittagong Stock Exchange Other 06-Oct
CME Group Other
Colombo Stock Exchange Opening Bell 12-Oct
Dalian Commodity Exchange Other 29-Sept
Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange Closing Bell 08-Oct
Dubai Financial Market  Opening Bell 04-Oct
Euronext Amsterdam Opening Bell 04-Oct
Euronext Brussels Opening Bell 04-Oct
Euronext Dublin Opening Bell 04-Oct
Euronext Lisbon Opening Bell 04-Oct
Euronext Paris Opening Bell 04-Oct
FMDQ Securities Exchange Opening Bell 07-Oct
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd Opening Bell 04-Oct
Jamaica Stock Exchange Other 08-Oct
Japan Exchange Group, Inc. Other  
Johannesburg Stock Exchange Opening Bell 06-Oct
Kazakhstan Stock Exchange Opening Bell 04-Oct
Korea Exchange Opening Bell 05-Oct
Latin American Stock Exchange (Latinex) Other TBD
London Stock Exchange Group Opening Bell 06-Oct
Luxembourg Stock Exchange Other 05-Oct
Macedonian Stock Exchange Opening Bell 07-Oct
Malta Stock Exchange Opening Bell 06-Oct
Moscow Exchange Group Opening Bell 06-Oct
Muscat Stock Exchange Opening Bell 05-Oct
Namibian Stock Exchange Opening Bell 08-Oct
Nasdaq USA Other
Nasdaq Copenhagen Closing Bell 07-Oct
Nasdaq Helsinki Opening Bell 06-Oct
Nasdaq Iceland Opening Bell 04-Oct
Nasdaq Riga Closing Bell 06-Oct
Nasdaq Stockholm Opening Bell 04-Oct
Nasdaq Vilnius Opening Bell 07-Oct
National Stock Exchange of India Limited Closing Bell 04-Oct
Nigerian Exchange Closing Bell TBD 
NZX Limited Opening Bell 04-Oct
Oslo Børs Opening Bell 04-Oct
Pakistan Stock Exchange  Opening Bell 08-Oct
Palestine Exchange Opening Bell 05-Oct
Qatar Stock Exchange Opening Bell 05-Oct
Saudi Exchange Opening Bell 05-Oct
Shanghai Futures Exchange Other 29-Sept
Shanghai Stock Exchange Other 29-Sept
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Closing Bell TBD
Singapore Exchange  Opening Bell 06-Oct
SIX Swiss Exchange Closing Bell 06-Oct
Stock Exchange of Thailand Other 04-Oct
Taipei Exchange Closing Bell 06-Oct
Taiwan Stock Exchange Other 20-Oct
Tehran Stock Exchange Opening Bell TBD
Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Other  
The Egyptian Exchange Opening Bell 05-Oct
The Philippine Stock Exchange Opening Bell 06-Oct
TMX Group Opening Bell 08-Oct
Tunis Stock Exchange Opening Bell 06-Oct
Uganda Securities Exchange Other 08-Oct
Wiener Börse Opening Bell 06-Oct
Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange Other 29-Sept
Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Other 06-Oct

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