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The World Federation of Exchanges represents 64 regulated exchanges across the world, and acts on behalf of a total of 99 organizations including affiliate members and clearinghouses.

Our member exchanges are home to more than 45,000 listed companies, while our widely used statistics database covers more than 350 indicators and 40 years of data from exchanges worldwide. Our members provide a significant contribution to the real economy, representing a total market capitalization of USD 63.5 trillion and a total trading value of USD 76 trillion, a value which is over 65% of the world GDP.

Since its foundation 54 years ago, the WFE has organized committees, meetings, general assemblies, conferences, and workshops for its members to transfer knowledge and share expertise. As an industry trade organisation, the WFE has discussed virtually every aspect of the capital market: the technical, the commercial, the legal and the economic. In the past four decades we have published studies and reports on issues such as self-regulation, cross border trading, HFT, cyber security and many others besides.

WFE Interviews Kyungsoo Choi, Chairman and CEO, Korea Exchange

Author Name: Kyungsoo Choi, Chairman & CEO, Korea Exchange

Could you give us a bit of background about your exchange? 

In January 2005, the Korea Exchange, Inc. (KRX) was launched as Korea's single integrated exchange under the Korea Stock & Futures Exchange Act. 

KRX was created through the merger of the Korea Stock Exchange (KSE), the Korea Futures Exchange (KOFEX), the KOSDAQ Stock Market, and the KOSDAQ Committee, a sub-organization of the Korea Securities Dealers Association (KSDA).

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WFE Interviews Jose Antonio Martinez, Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago

Author Name: Jose Antonio Martinez, CEO, Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago

1. Could you give us a bit of background about your exchange? 

The Chilean stock market is one of the strongest markets in Latin America. There are three Stock Exchanges, being Santiago Stock Exchange, the most important in terms of traded volume, number of brokers and products and infrastructure development. This is confirmed by our market share of 88% in equity, 93.6% in fixed income and 99.8% in other financial instruments, giving us a total participation of 96.9% in all markets. The total market capitalization at the end of 2013 exceeded US$266,000 million.

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Eurex Clearing White Paper "How CCP's Strengthen the Safety and Integrity of Financial Markets"

Author Name: Thomas Book, CEO Eurex Clearing

The lessons from the past and the conclusions for the future 

Eurex Clearing recently published its White Paper on the functioning of CCPs and their contribution to reduce systemic risk, given the ongoing discussions on the role of Financial Market Infrastructure as the new regulatory regime takes hold. The main purpose of the paper was to analyse how CCPs serve their markets and the positive impact they have on user's risk management. Of particular interest was the question surrounding CCP market structure resilience for extreme market scenarios, and how CCPs, their members, and regulatory stakeholders will ensure that even in circumstances which overwhelm the existing levels of collateralization, a CCP enables either the recovery or resolution in an orderly manner.

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WFE Interviews Nicky Newton-King, Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Author Name: Nicky Newton-King, CEO, Johannesburg Stock Exchange

1. Could you give us a bit of background about your exchange? 

The JSE was formed in 1887 during the first South African gold rush. Following the first legislation covering financial markets in 1947, the JSE joined the World Federation of Exchanges in 1963 and upgraded to an electronic trading system in the early 1990s. The bourse demutualised in 2005 and listed on its own exchange in 2006.

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Strong Rebound of Equity Trading Volumes (+10%) in the first half of 2014

August 5, 2014

The World Federation of Exchanges Ltd. published its first-half Statistics Market Highlights report. The main trends for this first six months of the years were: 

  • The value of share trading rose 10% worldwide to 29.7 trillion USD from the second-half of 2013 (+6.8% year on year). 
  • The number of trades rose 10% from the second-half of 2013 (+12% year on year); the average value of trades decreased. 
  • A continuing strong performance of equity markets, Global Market Capitalization rose 6% to 68.7 trillion USD from the second-half of 2013 (+21% year on year.) 
  • Good performance of IPO markets and investment flows. The number of IPOs fell 11% compared to the second half of 2013 but increased 42% year on year. Total investment flows in USD increased 17% compared to the second-half of 2013 (+11% year on year.)
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B20 Recommendations Focus on Economic Growth and Jobs

Author Name: Elmer Funke Kupper, Managing Director and CEO, ASX Group

In November 2014 Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott will host the G20 leaders in Brisbane. The G20 continues to be the premier forum for international economic cooperation, with members from 19 countries plus the European Union. G20 leaders, finance ministers and central bank governors meet regularly to discuss ways to strengthen the global economy.

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