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The World Federation of Exchanges launches workplan to drive greater understanding around CCPs & their role in systemic safety

Published: 04 Dec 2019
The WFE has said it is starting a 12-month workplan to ensure that the role and nature of CCPs is correctly understood, and is not undermined by narrow interests that diverge from good public policy.
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Call for papers

IOMA - The WFE's Clearing & Derivatives Conference
Malta, 26 March - 27 March 2020

The papers accepted will be considered for a special issue of the Journal of Financial Markets Infrastructures. 

Keynote speakers: Rod Garratt (University of California, Santa Barbara), Edward Scicluna (Finance Minister of Malta). 

Complete papers on the topic of central clearing should be submitted to research@world-exchanges.org by Friday 13 December 2019. For the complete call for papers, please click on download below.


Latest statistics from the WFE

We publish over 350 market data indicators, ranging from statistics on exchange traded products such as equities, derivatives and ETFs to granular data on IPOs, and the WFE’s Median Simple Spread liquidity indicator.

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WFE: Sustainability & Commodity Derivatives White Paper

Published: 20 Aug 2019
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WFE letter to ESMA regarding market data & consolidated tape

Published: 09 Sep 2019
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Published by: The WFE Regulatory Affairs Team

WFE Position Paper on importance of valuing stock market data correctly

Published: 25 Jul 2019
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Published by: The WFE Statistics Team

WFE Annual Statistics Guide (Volume 4)

Published: 01 May 2019
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ESG data on top of investors’ wish list

Published: Nov 2019
Robert Scharfe, CEO of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange writes about the recent launch of the LuxSE Guide to ESG Reporting, a comprehensive and solid roadmap for companies, issuers and asset managers to integrate ESG considerations into their business-decisions.
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