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The WFE Research Team conducts ongoing research into areas of interest to its membership base. The research is intended to stimulate discussion on key topics, assist in informing the debate on relevant issues and enhance the understanding of the role of exchanges in the economies in which they operate. This research takes the form of member surveys, briefing notes and more detailed research reports.

WFE Research is divided into the following sections. Click on the section titles below to go to the specific section.

Studies & Reports

# Title Size Download
WFE Annual Sustainability Survey (updated June) 2018 581.57 KB Download Preview
WFE & Oliver Wyman Market Integrity report 693.23 KB Download Preview
WFE & McKinsey: Fintech Decoded report 2.81 MB Download Preview
WFE Family-Owned Businesses & Listing report 769.45 KB Download Preview
WFE UNCTAD Exchanges - Growth and Sustainable Development 413.81 KB Download Preview
WFE Enhancing Emerging Market Retail Trading Report - 3 August 2017 5.43 MB Download Preview
WFE & Milken Institute SME Exchanges Report - 18 July 2017 1.08 MB Download Preview
WFE Annual Sustainability Survey 2017 698.18 KB Download Preview
WFE Report on Equity Market Financing of SMEs 2.12 MB Download Preview
Liquidity in Emerging Market Exchanges - WFE & OW report 1.10 MB Download Preview
WFE Survey on Circuit Breakers 1.00 MB Download Preview
WFE IOSCO AMCC DLT report 503.08 KB Download Preview
WFE Annual Sustainability Survey 2016 769.20 KB Download Preview
WFE Report on SME Exchanges 1.18 MB Download Preview
WFE ESG Recommendation Guidance and Metrics Oct 2015 589.01 KB Download Preview
Exchanges & ESG Initiatives – SWG Report & Survey 1.91 MB Download Preview
2013 WFE Domestic Market Segmentation Survey 567.92 KB Download Preview
2013 Cyber-Crime, Securities Markets & Systemic Risk 2.30 MB Download Preview
2012 WFE Domestic Market Segmentation Survey 482.91 KB Download Preview
2011 WFE Domestic Market Segmentation Survey 572.11 KB Download Preview
2010 WFE Domestic Market Segmentation Survey 911.90 KB Download Preview
2010 Fixed Income Survey: Analysis 490.75 KB Download Preview
2009 WFE Domestic Market Segmentation Survey 4.11 MB Download Preview
OECD report on The Role of Stock Exchanges in Corporate Governance 401.78 KB Download Preview
2010 Exchanges, ESG & Investment Decisions 945.36 KB Download Preview
2008 WFE Domestic Market Segmentation Survey 3.20 MB Download Preview
2008 WFE Consolidation of Cash & Derivative Markets Technology 1.93 MB Download Preview
2008 WFE Circuit Breakers Report 977.28 KB Download Preview
2007 WFE/Vodia Study on Securities Lending 431.17 KB Download Preview
2007 WFE Domestic Market Segmentation Survey 1.75 MB Download Preview
2006 WFE Governance of Exchanges Survey - Executive Summary 294.18 KB Download Preview
2004 WFE Survey for Regulation of Markets 773.56 KB Download Preview
2004 WFE/TSEC Survey on Extended Exchange Services 548.21 KB Download Preview

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The following studies have been conducted by the International Options Market Association (IOMA). IOMA was founded an association of options markets and clearinghouses around the world. Originally founded in Amsterdam in 1983, as the International Association of Options Exchanges and Clearing Houses, it adopted its present name in 1993. It includes most of the major exchanges trading options on equities, equity indexes, debt instruments, currencies and commodities. Since its affiliating with WFE in 2002, IOMA has widened its scope to include futures and commodity trading.

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