Xetra/FWB: ETF Securities Launches First ETC On A Commodity Basket Ex Agriculture And Livestock


A further ETC (exchange traded commodity) issued by ETFS Commodity Securities Limited has been tradable on Xetra since Thursday.

ETC name: ETFS Ex-Agriculture and Livestock DJ-UBSCI
Asset class: commodity basket
Management fee: 0.49 percent
Benchmark: DJ-UBS Commodity ex-Agriculture and Livestock Index

The ETFS Ex-Agriculture and Livestock DJ-UBSCI ETC enables investors to participate for the first time in the performance of a commodity basket excluding the agricultural and livestock sectors. The ETC tracks the performance of the commodity future from the energy, industrial metals and precious metals sectors.

Deutsche Börse’s ETC segment product range currently comprises 269 instruments. The monthly trading volume of ETCs on Xetra averages around €700 million.