WSE, PSEO And PolPX Initiate Co-Operation To Develop Poland’s Wholesale Electricity Market


  • WSE, PSEO and PolPX have signed a co-operation agreement aimed at development of Poland’s effective electricity market and joint initiatives to develop a single European electricity market.
  • The co-operation will improve the competitiveness, liquidity and transparency of the Polish electricity market.

On 27 August 2012, the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), PSE Operator S.A. (PSEO) and the Polish Power Exchange (PolPX) signed a co-operation agreement concerning the development of Poland’s wholesale electricity market and joint international initiatives aimed at the development of the regional and European electricity market.

The co-operation aims to develop and implement optimum solutions within the framework of market mechanisms for Poland’s electricity market and to take joint international initiatives necessary to integrate the Polish electricity market with the European market in the development of the target electricity market in Europe.