WSE CATALYST – The first bond trading platform in Poland

WSE CATALYST – The first bond trading platform in Poland


On 30 September 2009, the Warsaw bourse will launch CATALYST – the first organized market in debt securities in Poland and a unique such market in Central and Eastern Europe.

The new system will facilitate and optimise corporate and municipal bonds issuance. Secondary trading in these instruments will be conducted on quotation systems operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange and BondSpot SA (formerly: MTS CeTO).

As of 30 September, issuers and investors will gain access to new regulated markets as well as issuance mechanisms and procedures for authorising (registering) the securities in WSE information systems.

Until the end of 2009, the WSE and BondSpot will additionally launch alternative trading systems. These markets, similar to NewConnect in terms of regulations, will offer small and large entities the possibility to issue publicly traded bonds.

CATALYST trading segments will provide access to the market equally well for qualified and individual investors connecting them through a wide range of intermediaries – banks and investment companies.

The CATALYST project will result in a retail-wholesale market in debt securities that will provide a financing tool for corporations as well as local governments (municipalities) and expand possibilities of investing in financial instruments traded on a transparent, efficient, safe and supervised public market.

Further information on CATALYST – the WSE bond market and BondSpot – will be available at as of 7 September ’09.