Warsaw Stock Exchange investors’ structure survey, H1 2009

Warsaw Stock Exchange investors’ structure survey, H1 2009

In the first half of 2009, the structure of WSE investors returned to its former state which had become a specific quality of the Warsaw bourse – Polish individual, institutional and foreign investors each account for ca. one third of the equities trading value. – Mr Ludwik Sobolewski, WSE President, noted on a press conference today.

Polish individual investors generated 28 pct. of equity trading in the first six months of 2009. Foreign investors accounted for 35 pct. of trading and Polish institutional for the remaining 37 pct.

Compared to the second half of 2008, the share of individual investors increased 11 percentage points. The turnover value generated by them rose 60 pct. to PLN41bn (ca. EUR10bn) – Mr Tomasz Wisniewski, WSE Information Products Dept. Deputy Director, commented.

Regarding WSE derivatives market, the share of Polish retail investors in the futures market was 54 pct. in H1 2009. Polish institutional investors accounted for 35 pct. of trading and foreign for 11 pct. Investors’ structure on the futures market remained roughly unchanged relative to H2 2008. The 1 percentage point increase of foreign investors’ share in the futures market volume translated into a 16 pct. rise in trading value. In the case of Polish institutional investors, despite a fall of their share by 1 percentage point, the turnover value rose 3 pct.

The share of Polish individual investors in the options market was 64 pct., institutional investors ranked second with a 30 pct. share and foreign represented the smallest group with a 6 pct. share in H1 2009.

The value of assets under management by Open Ended Investment Companies (TFI) was PLN77bn (ca. EUR18.8bn) and the number of participants in these funds was close to 2.6 million. The value of assets under management by Polish pension funds (OFE) increased in the first half of this year to PLN153bn (ca. EUR37.3bn). The number of OFE participants reached 14.1 million.

The data presented on clicking here have been gathered by the Warsaw bourse among 26 local WSE members who reported exact values or ranges of values (in which case, the middle of the range was taken into account). Market making and portfolio management services have been classified as domestic institutional investors. The survey is based on WSE session trading data.

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