The Warsaw Stock Exchange becomes a “Recognised Stock Exchange”

The Warsaw Stock Exchange becomes a “recognised stock exchange”


The Warsaw Stock Exchange received the “Recognised Stock Exchange” designation from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The designation awarded to the WSE Main List and the retail EU-regulated segment of Catalyst will make these markets more attractive and accessible for UK-based investors.

Being the largest stock exchange in Central and Eastern Europe (in terms of market capitalisation and equity trading value), the Warsaw bourse is actively building its international reputation. More than a third of equity trading on the WSE Main List already originates outside of Poland.

The “Recognised Stock Exchange” designation awarded by HMRC on 25 February 2010 offers UK-based investors trading in securities listed on the Warsaw bourse the possibility to profit from a variety of tax incentives. The most important one is the income tax exemption on funds invested in securities that meet the HMRC definition of ‘listed’ on a recognised stock exchange through individual savings accounts (ISA).

All securities available on the WSE Main List as well as on the EU-regulated retail segment of Catalyst* bond market meet the HMRC interpretation of ‘listed’ instruments. UK investors may choose from close to 380 companies, a variety of derivatives, structured products as well as municipal, corporate and Polish treasury bonds. The Warsaw bourse joined other leading European exchanges that have already been recognised by HM Revenue and Customs, e.g.: NYSE Euronext, Deutsche Boerse and Wiener Boerse.

Further information on HMRC “Recognised Stock Exchange” designation is available at

* Securities listed on the Catalyst retail Alternative Trading System would not meet the HMRC definition of ‘listed’.