“Focus”, the First 200 Issues

This month, WFE celebrates the 200th issue of its monthly newsletter “Focus”. This article retraces the birth of “Focus”, and summarizes the Federation’s experiences in its attempts to disseminate member exchanges’ news through periodical publications.

Dark Pools and fragmented Markets

Dark Pools and Fragmented Markets: As far as I can recall, I have never come up with any title as foreboding as this one. The term “dark pools” conjures up some nasty images, like black holes and Darth Vader. Fragmented markets sounds terrible, like Humpty Dumpty after he took his big fall. Dark and fragmented, what kind of shape are our markets in? Let’s consider the dark pools first.

No failures, no Closures, no Taxpayer Rescues

William Brodsky, Chairman and CEO of the CBOE and Chairman of the WFE, shares his views on OTC derivatives in the Financial Times’ "Trading Room"

Letter from FIAB Secretary General

The Ibero-American Federation of Exchanges (FIAB) is pleased to co-organize with the World Federation of Exchanges a Developing Markets Forum. This event will follow the XXXVI General Assembly of the FIAB; the Lima Stock Exchange will host these meetings.

Sustainable Exchanges Conference by UN Principles for Responsible Investment

As the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) continues to see tremendous growth in signatories and business commitment, there is increasing interest expressed by investors in the role of regulators and quasi-regulators in encouraging higher standards of corporate conduct and transparency. To explore how exchanges can contribute, the PRI Initiative, along with the UN Global Compact and UNCTAD, are convening a meeting on Sustainable Stock Exchanges at UN Headquarters in New York on 2 November.

Executive Summary : WFE Study on Exchanges and Sustainable investment

Many exchanges are adopting proactive commercial strategies in response to growing investor interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and global sustainable development challenges such as climate change, according to a new report published this month by the WFE.

Towards a new Global Balance

We are at a point in the crisis where the financial markets, and economic commentators, do not know whether to panic about deflation or inflation, about a sudden collapse in the dollar, or a sudden collapse in the euro.

Letter from the IOSCO Secretary General

IOSCO Secretary General, Greg Tanzer addresses WFE Focus newsletter readers.

The Role of Stock Exchanges in Corporate Governance

The contribution of stock exchanges to improving standards of corporate governance in recent decades has been manifest. Through participation in developing national codes of corporate governance, by setting listing and maintenance requirements consistent with high standards of governance and through monitoring and disclosure of listed companies’ corporate governance arrangements, exchanges have been at the forefront of a process of raising standards.

Small Cap Analyst Coverage: an "Under-The-Radar" Dilemma

For years thousands of companies around the world have been operating outside analyst radar. As of January 31, 2009 there were over 46,000 companies listed on WFE member exchanges worldwide[1]. Add to that the thousands of companies that trade on non-member exchanges and regulated OTC markets, and you have an extremely large population of publicly traded companies all vying for analyst attention.