Vienna Stock Exchange Successfully Completes XETRA® Update


With XETRA®, the Vienna Stock Exchange has been operating an absolutely state-of-the-art trading system for its participants for years. XETRA® is constantly being developed and improved by the stock exchanges. As of today, the latest version of the system, XETRA® 13.0, went live. Along with exchanges in Vienna and Ljubljana, the new system was implemented in a concerted action throughout Europe involving all exchanges using XETRA®.

The functional enhancements include improved market transparency in the trading of structured products as well as the extension of maximum order validity to 360 days.

The XETRA® trading system is well established worldwide and enjoys an excellent reputation with respect to system reliability, speed and security. In the past five years, XETRA® has been available to participants in Vienna nearly 100% of the entire trading hours. Moreover, the trading system guarantees extremely high price stability based on the safeguards implemented in the system.