Vienna Stock Exchange Launches ATX Global Players Index


The Vienna Stock Exchange launches today a new index, the “ATX Global Players”, which tracks companies that are world market leaders in their niche. The index is calculated and published in euro in real time. The ATX Global Players comprises those companies of the prime market that have at least 20% of sales revenues from outside Europe. The selection is made once a year (in September) and there are no restrictions as to the number of inclusions or removals from the index. The maximum index weighting per company is limited to 20%. The sectors with the highest weightings in the index are: manufacturing technology & machinery (37%), mining & metals (24%), chemicals (11%), petroleum & natural gas (11%).

According to a study by the German strategist Hermann Simon, „Hidden champions“ 1 , Austria has, in a global comparison, an outstandingly large number of world market leaders. At present more than half of the global market leaders are located in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, although these countries only account for 1.5% of the world population. With a total of 116 global market leaders, Austria has – in relation to its population – as many global champions as Germany and Switzerland combined.