US Treasury To Designate Eurex Exchange As “Qualified Board Or Exchange


The international derivatives marketplace Eurex Exchange announced today that the U.S. Treasury will publish a revenue ruling in which it designates Eurex as a “Qualified Board or Exchange” for purposes of section 1256 of the U.S. Internal Revenue code. This ruling, effective for all contracts entered on or after 1 March 2013, means that U.S. persons that trade on Eurex Exchange may receive ‘60/40 tax treatment’ in the same way when trading at other U.S. futures exchanges.

This treatment applies only to U.S. persons, and allows them to claim 60 percent of their gains or losses on eligible Eurex contracts as long-term capital gains/losses and 40 percent as short-term capital gains/losses.

“We are very pleased about the U.S. Treasury’s ruling as it will provide significant savings to U.S. persons trading at Eurex and will attract additional liquidity to our markets,” said Michael Peters, member of the Eurex Executive Board.