Unification of securities tickets on MICEX and RTS

Unification of securities tickets on MICEX and RTS


On November 21, 2011 as a further step towards integration of cash equities markets of MICEX and RTS tickers of securities admitted to trading on both exchanges will be unified.

For this purpose 35 securities admitted to trading on MICEX Stock Exchange and RTS Stock Exchange will be assigned single tickers:

  • for 25 securities tickers assigned by MICEX will be replaced by the relevant tickers on RTS
  • for 8 securities tickers assigned by RTS will be changed for the relevant tickers on MICEX;
  • for 2 securities tickers used on MICEX and RTS will be discarded, and these securities will be assigned new tickers.

List of stocks whose tickers are to be changed in the trading system of MICEX as of November 21, 2011:

  Issuer Security type/
Current ticker
New ticker
1 AFK Sistema ordinary shares AFKC AFKS RU000A0DQZE3
2 Apteki 36,6 ordinary shares RU14APTK1007 APTK RU0008081765
3 AVTOVAZ preferred shares AVAZPP AVAZP RU000A0JQ433
4 Belon ordinary shares BELO BLNG RU000A0J2QG8
5 GUM ordinary shares RU0008913751 GUMM RU0008913751
6 INTER RAO EES ordinary shares IUES IRAO RU000A0JPNM1
7 KrasnyiOctabr-1 preferred shares RU0008913868 KROTP RU0008913868
8 KuzbassEnergo ordinary shares KZBN KZBE RU0009045652
9 Megion ordinary shares RU0009011126 MFGS RU0009011126
10 Megion preferred shares RU0009011134 MFGSP RU0009011134
11 MGTS-5 ordinary shares RU14MGTS5007 MGTS RU0009036461
12 MGTS-4 preferred shares RU14MGTS2012 MGTSP RU0009036479
13 MRSK Yuga ordinary shares MRKA MRKY RU000A0JPPG8
14 MTS ordinary shares MTSI MTSS RU0007775219
15 NOVATEK ordinary shares NOTK NVTK RU000A0DKVS5
16 Nizhnevartovskneftegaz ordinary shares RU14NZGZ2006 NZGZ RU0008959630
17 OGK-1 ordinary shares OGK1 OGKA RU000A0JNPM1
18 OGK-2 ordinary shares OGK2 OGKB RU000A0JNG55
19 E.ON Russia ordinary shares OGK4 EONR RU000A0JNGA5
20 Sberbank ordinary shares SBER03 SBER RU0009029540
21 Sberbank preferred shares SBERP03 SBERP RU0009029557
22 7Kontinent ordinary shares SCOH SCON RU000A0DM8R7
23 Tatneft-3 ordinary shares RU14TATN3006 TATN RU0009033591
24 Tatneft preferred shares RU14TATN3014 TATNP RU0006944147
25 TGK-13 ordinary shares TGK13 ETGK RU000A0F6SZ9
26 RAO EES Vostoka preferred shares RAOVP VRAOP RU000A0JQNL1
27 VEROFARM ordinary shares VFRM VRPH RU000A0JL475


List of stocks whose tickers are to be changed in the trading system of RTS as of November 21, 2011:

  Issuer Security type/
Current ticker on RTS,
New ticker on RTS,
RTS Classica/T+0
1 JSC "E.ON Russia" ordinary shares OGKD/OGKDG EONR/ EONRG RU000A0JNGA5
2 Sberbank (RDRs on shares of RUSAL RDRs RUAL RUALR RU000A0JR5Z5
3 "Bank "Saint-Petersburg" OJSC ordinary shares STBK/STBKG BSPB/ BSPBG RU0009100945
4 "Bank "Saint-Petersburg" OJSC preferred shares STBKPA/ STBKPAG BSPBP/ BSPBPG RU000A0JQHT6
5 North-West Shipping Company ordinary shares SZRP/SZRPG SZPR/ SZPRG RU0009100861
6 OJSC "Volga TGС" ordinary shares TGKG /TGKGG VTGK/ VTGKG RU000A0HML36
7 JSC "Yenisei TGC (TGC-13)" ordinary shares TGKM/TGKMG ETGK/ ETGKG RU000A0F6SZ9
8 UTair Aviation ordinary shares TMAT/TMATG UTAR/ UTARG RU0007661385
9 JSK "Yakutskenergo" ordinary shares YAEN/YAENG YKEN/ YKENG RU0009257075
10 JSK "Yakutskenergo" preferred shares YAENP/ YAENPG YKENP/ YKENPG RU0007796827