Two GDR indices to be launched by Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Two GDR Indices To Be Launched By Luxembourg Stock Exchange


On 1 October 2009, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange will launch 2 new indices for GDRs (Global Depositary Receipts).

Named Lux GDRs India and Lux GDRs Taiwan, these two indices are weighted capitalisation indices whose respective constituents comprise all the GDRs from India and Taiwan that are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. These indices reflect the moves in the prices of the constituent securities. Except for the distinction by country, the requirements for entry to both of the indices are identical.

The base dates for Lux GDRs India and Lux GDRs Taiwan are 1 January 2009.

Data and information related to Lux GDRs India and Lux GDRs Taiwan will be made available on the website of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange ( on the ‘Indices’ page of the ‘Consultation’ section.

This launch is a further sign of the position of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange as an important exchange for listing depositary receipts and in particular GDRs. It has currently 223 quotation lines of depositary receipts from 17 countries.