Trayport ETS: New Trading System On CEGH Gas Exchange Of The Vienna Stock Exchange


Trading in gas spot market and futures contracts on the CEGH Gas Exchange of the Vienna Stock Exchange started today on the new trading system Trayport ETS. The Trayport Global Vision Exchange Trading System (ETS) provides state-of-the-art technology for commodities trading and integrates the CEGH market into international markets. Gas contracts had been traded through the platforms XETRA® and EUREX® up to now. “Technical innovation and development are essential for exchange trading in these times. Regular system updates and the introduction of new functionalities ensure that trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange is always in line with the latest trends,” explained Michael Buhl, member of the Management Board of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

The Vienna Stock Exchange operates a total of three trading systems: XETRA®, the trading system for the spot market; EUREX®, the trading system for the derivatives market and as of today, Trayport ETS for the gas contracts of the CEGH Gas Exchange. Furthermore, the Vienna Stock Exchange also provides support for the frontend system “cee trader” and a FIX interface for entering orders into the trading system.