Tokyo Stock Exchange To Expand Its Coverage Of Real-Time Dissemination Of "TSE Indicative NAV"(ETN)


Beginning Feb 18, 2013, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) will add ETNs below to the list of the real-time Indicative Net Asset Value (Indicative NAV) per share calculation and publication.

1. Additions

Code ETN Fund Administrator
2031 NEXT NOTES HSI Leveraged ETN Nomura Europe Finance N.V.
2032 NEXT NOTES HSI Short ETN Nomura Europe Finance N.V.
2033 NEXT NOTES KOSPI200 Leverage ETN Nomura Europe Finance N.V.
2034 NEXT NOTES F-KOSPI200 Inverse ETN Nomura Europe Finance N.V.
  • (*)To be calculated using redemption value of underlying securities (trust asset of ETN) and real time index performance adjusted by currency exchange rates, real time spot rates by Interactive Data. This calculation method is different from that of ETF, which is based on PCF and real time prices of each constituent.

2. ETF・ETN list

ETF・ETN list