Three Thematic Indices: Shenzhen Stock Exchange SME Dividend Index And The other Two Indices Are Launched


In order to guide the listed companies to positively reward their shareholders, improve corporation management, exercise the social responsibility, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. jointly declared on August 20, 2012 to launch SZSE SME Dividend Index (Code: 399649, Abbreviation: SME Dividend), SZSE SME CORP Governance Index (Code: 399650, Abbreviation: SME CORP Governance) and SZSE SME CSR Index (Code: 399651, Abbreviation: SME CSR). All of three indices take June 30, 2009 as the base date, and 1000 points as base point.

The aforesaid indices select sample stocks from companies listed in SME board. Comprehensively taking factors of profit distribution rates, market proportion of dividend in to account, SZSE SME Dividend Index selects 50 companies that have stable profit distribution history for sample stocks; SZSE SME CORP Governance Index selects 50 companies, which are well managed and have high management appraisal records according to the CNINFO comprehensive evaluation system of listed companies governance structure; SZSE SME CSR Index takes the factors of the total contribution made by the listed company to the country, employees, shareholders and creditors and thereof proportion to the company’s net asset in to account, and selects 50 companies to form the sample. All three indices set 10% as upper weights for specific stock to avoid the overweight of specific stock.

As the statistics shows, three thematic indices: SZSE SME Dividend Index, SZSE SME CORP Governance Index and SZSE SME CSR Index have prominent performances in the history record: from thereof base day to June 30, 2012, the excessive gain for three indices is 23%, 29%, 9% respectively comparing to CNINFO A-share Index, and 27%, 28%, 5% respectively comparing to SZSE Dividend, SZSE CORP Governance, SZSE CSR, presenting the exemplary growth of companies listed on SME board. The three aforesaid said indices are endowed with features of large market value capacity, ample liquidity, active transaction, and are thus suitable for developing into fund products.

The launch of SME Dividend, SME CORP Governance and SME CSR positively responds to the requirement and calls of China Securities Regulatory Commission and Shenzhen Stock Exchange regarding the profit distribution, corporation management and social responsibility of listed companies, and is thus conductive to guiding the benign operation of listed companies, boosting the healthy development of SME Board Market, enriching the investment targets of SME board thematic indices, and meeting the vigorous investment demand of SME market.