Thai Bourse holds campaign to promote ETF trading via Internet

Thai Bourse holds campaign to promote ETF trading via Internet

03/10/2011 Co., Ltd. (Settrade), a subsidiary of The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) , holds a campaign “Win 30-Baht gold through ETF” to promote Internet trading of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) from October 1 to December 31.  

Settrade, the operator of Internet trading platforms for trading equities and derivatives, and investment technology for securities companies, joins with 31 brokers and sub-brokers to launch the campaign to stimulate ETF trading volume via the Internet, said Pakorn Peetathawatchai, a director of Settrade.

“ETF is an alternative investment gaining popularity among investors. At the end of August, ETF trading volume was up 22.35 percent from the end of last year, with a net asset growth of 29.64 percent. This year, there are two newly-launched ETFs, which are KTAM Gold ETF Tracker (GLD) and ThaiDex SET High Dividend ETF (1DIV), and we expect more ETFs will be launched soon,” Pakorn added.

“The campaign aims to stimulate more ETF investment, as well as to increase participation of brokers, sub-brokers and their customers,” he said, “To cope with new ETF launch, Settrade has improved its trading system by adding INAV data on trading screens of iPhone and tablets, such as iPad or Galaxy tab 10.1. The INAV data will show net asset value per unit in real-time trading to reflect the NAV of ETF at that time.”

The campaign will start from October 1 until December 31 which will give a prize of a 1-Baht gold bar to each of the top ten actively traded ETF retail investors via Internet trading of Settrade in terms of valuation for that month.