Thai Bourse to allow gold brokers to trade all derivatives products, accepts new members

Thai Bourse to allow gold brokers to trade all derivatives products, accepts new members


Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) is ready to allow precious metal-related members to become full members, so that they will be able to trade all derivatives products listed on the market.  It also plans to accept new trading members.

Kesara Manchusree, Managing Director of TFEX, under The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Group, revealed that, in the first quarter of 2012, there have been several inquiries about applying to become TFEX  members, particularly from gold brokers, who are currently licensed to trade only precious metal-related futures contracts. Such members notified the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about their interest to trade all types of derivatives.  Kesara said that, so far, three companies -- Ausiris Futures Co., Ltd. (AFC); GT Wealth Management Co., Ltd. (GTWM); and Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Co., Ltd. (HGF) -- have submitted their documents to TFEX, and she believes that other members are also preparing their documentation for the same purpose.

“TFEX and Thailand Clearing House Co., Ltd. (TCH) are now reviewing the system and personnel readiness of all three companies, with a system test expected to take place soon, to make sure that they can provide full service to investors”, said Kesara.

Moreover, TFEX is now accepting applications for new trading members, in a bid to enable organizations with specialized in trading futures contracts or related products to play more roles in promoting liquidity in TFEX’s futures and options trading.  Kesara stated that trading members will be able to perform proprietary trade only and also be a market maker for products listed on TFEX.

“TFEX has been accepting applications for new trading members since March, and, so far, a number of commercial banks and companies whose business is directly related to TFEX-listed futures contracts have shown their interest in applying for membership. We believe that the arrival of these prospective members will greatly benefit investors on TFEX as they can offer in the long run liquidity, similar to that seen in overseas futures markets”, concluded Kesara.

To obtain more information on TFEX membership or to download the membership announcement and details, individuals are invited to visit