Thai Bourse Adds Construction Services Sector, Includes REIT In Property Fund Sector, Effective Jan 2, 2014


The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will launch new sector No. 28, “Construction Services” and will also include real estate investment trust (REIT) in the Property Fund sector and accordingly rename the sector to be “Property Funds & REIT”, enabling investors to analyze and compare information of each company more accurately.

SET Executive Vice President Kesara Manchusree said the exchange would move 18 companies from the Property Development sector into the Construction Services sector in order to reflect overview of the business group clearer, enabling investors to analyst and compare with each company in the sector efficiently. The Construction Services sector would engage companies in constructing residences or related units, such as prefabricated houses, condominiums, industrial estates, shopping centers, roads, and bridges, including interior services as well as companies providing services, and advisory services, for construction projects, including related engineering or designs. The move would be effective from January 2, 2014 onwards.

SET will expand definition of Property Fund sector by adding REIT into the sector and rename to Property Fund & REIT, starting from January 2, 2014.

Thus, in 2014, SET will have eight industry groups and 28 sectors. The expanded Property & Construction industry will consist of Construction Materials, Construction Services, Property Development, and Property Funds & REIT. For more details, please visit