Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: New Industry Classifications: Tech Industries Recategorized

1. Background

With the increase of TASE-listed high-tech companies to almost 140 companies and within the efforts of TASE to position itself as a financial hub for high tech companies, two sectors will be launched: "Technology" and "Biomed", in which all TASE high-tech listed companies will be consolidated.

The change in the sector classification of these companies will apply as of Thursday, 1 November 2012.

2. New High Tech Industrial Sectors

The Technology and Biomed sectors will be divided into sub-sectors as follows:

Technology Sector
The Technology sector will be divided into 8 sub-sectors as follows:
- IT Services
- Software and Internet
- Electronics and Optics
- Defense
- Communications Equipment
- Semiconductors
- Cleantech
- Investments in High Tech

Biomed Companies
The Biomed sector will be divided into 3 sub-sectors:
- Biotechnology
- Medical Devices
- Investments in Life Sciences

For Sector Classification of TASE High-Tech Companies .