SIX Swiss Exchange launches new real estate indices SXI Real Estate®

SIX Swiss Exchange Launches New Real Estate Indices SXI Real Estate®


In response to a widely observed need on the real estate market, SIX Swiss Exchange will add real estate to its SXI index family as of 1 December 2009. Besides to the existing benchmarks, the SWX Immobilienfonds Index and the SWX Swiss Real Estate Index, which are to continue with new names, SIX Swiss Exchange has created four new indicators for real estate shares and funds. The SXI Swiss Real Estate Shares brings together the five largest and most liquid real estate shares, while the SXI Swiss Real Estate Funds includes the ten largest and most liquid real estate funds listed on the Swiss Exchange. In addition to these, SIX Swiss Exchange will bring together these real estate asset classes in two further indices.

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