SIX Exchange Regulation: New listing rules And regulations plus dedicated website

SIX Exchange Regulation: New listing rules and regulations plus dedicated website


The new rules and regulations for listing at SIX Swiss Exchange enter into force on 1 July 2009. At the same time, SIX Exchange Regulation is going live with its own website containing a large number of new functional features for its primary stakeholder groups: issuers, participants and investors.

SIX Exchange Regulation (the division operates independently of SIX Swiss Exchange and is responsible for the regulation and surveillance of issuers and exchange participants) is introducing fully revised listing rules and regulations effective 1 July. The objective of the now finalized revision was to bring the rules and regulations into line with statutory amendments and changed market needs as well as to streamline and simplify the wording to make it more user-friendly.

Detailed information on the background and result of the revision of the listing rules, additional rules and Schemes as well as associated directives and circulars can be found in the Regulatory Board Communiqué of 29 May 2009:

Regulatory standards in place of segments in the equity market

In the course of revising the listing rules and regulations, naming practices in the equity market were also adapted. For instance, the former "Local Caps" listing segment is now called "Domestic Standard". The word "Standard" is intended to clearly indicate which rules and regulations are to be applied to the relevant category of issuers and products, while also making a terminological distinction versus the trading segments on SIX Swiss Exchange.

New website

To coincide with the revision of the listing rules and regulations, SIX Exchange Regulation is launching a dedicated website designed to keep users updated on regulatory developments and on the division's activities and organization. To make it easier to locate individual topics, they have been categorized according to the relevant key stakeholder groups (issuers, participants, investors), and the main navigation has been structured in line with the individual functions of SIX Exchange Regulation. Users can also find a news roundup and an overview of how SIX Exchange Regulation is organized: