Shenzhen Stock Exchange: Three Subdivision Industry Indices Launched


In order to provide investment reference for subdivision industries like health care, non-ferrous, and food and beverage, Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. announced that the SINO Health Care Index (Code: 399394, Abbreviation: SINO Health Care), SINO Non-ferrous Index (Code: 399395, Abbreviation: SINO Non-ferrous) and SINO Food & Beverage Index (Code: 399396, Abbreviation: SINO Food) were launched on October 29 2012. All the indices take December 31 2004 as the base date and 1000 points as the base value.

Based on the CNINFO Industry Classification for Listed Companies, the aforesaid indices take market capitalization, liquidity and industry representativeness into full consideration, and select sample stocks from A-share companies in corresponding subdivision industries. In this regard, SINO Health Care selected 80 samples from the medicine and health care industry, and SINO Non-ferrous and SINO Food respectively selected 50 samples from the non-ferrous metal industry and food and beverage industry.

The three indices and the already launched SINO Real Estate Index (Code: 399393) constitute SINO subdivision industry series indices. Among them, the SINO Real Estate and SINO Non-ferrous reflect strong cyclical industries, while SINO Health Care and SINO Food reflect weak cyclical industries.

SINO subdivision industry series indices are featured with outstanding risk income, according to statistics. Since the base date till September 28 2012, SINO Health Care, SINO Non-ferrous, SINO Food and SINO Real Estate have made accumulated earnings of 360.52%, 415.33%, 602.01% and 240.91% respectively, while CNINFO A-share Index has made 181.16% at the same period; the beta coefficient for SINO Real Estate, SINO Non-ferrous, SINO Health Care and SINO Food is 1.216, 1.191, 0.886 and 0.855 respectively, which reflects the characteristic that strong cyclical industries have high beta coefficient while weak cyclical industries have low beta coefficient.

It is introduced that SINO subdivision industry series indices are developed by Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. catering for market demands. Relevant indexation investment products are under active preparation.

Regarding the details of the index, please refer to the official website of CNINFO Index (