Shenzhen Stock Exchange signs MOU with Thailand Stock Exchange

Shenzhen Stock Exchange signs MOU with Thailand Stock Exchange


The SZSE signs the MOU with Thailand counterpart today in Shenzhen. Chen Hongqiao, deputy general manager of the SZSE, the vice president of Thailand Stock Exchange and Wang Wenzhi, president of ChiNext board affix their signature to the MOU on their respective behalf.

Chen pointed out that the SZSE has always attached the special importance to the exchange and cooperation with the Thailand counterpart, and the two exchanges, both of which are committed to service the small-medium sized enterprises, have built up the Growth Enterprise market suitable for their own country’s actual situations, therefore, the exchange between the two parties is targeted and mutually complementary.

Wang also expressed that the SZSE has kept the friendly relationship with Thailand Stock Exchange for a long time, and both parties are members of Asian Oceania Stock Exchanges Federation, having the close exchange in some aspects. At the same time, he gave the congratulation on the launch of ChiNext board.

The MOU was concluded at the “Sixth Asia-Pacific New Market Forum” hosted by the SZSE. The SZSE has signed the MOU with 24 foreign exchanges before that.