Shenzhen Stock Exchange launches listed companies-investors relation interaction platform

Shenzhen Stock Exchange launches listed companies-investors relation interaction platform


In order to enhance the standardized operation of listed companies, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, especially small-medium investors, the SZSE recently has launched the “Interaction Platform for SZSE-listed Companies and Investors Relation”. The establishment of the platform will provide an important channel for direct communication and dialogue between listed companies and investors, benefit the optimization of the relations between public investors and listed companies and facilitate investors to widely participate in the corporate governance. And the platform is also a major measure for the SZSE to regulate and deepen the administration of listed companies-investors relations.

Investors may, through the interaction platform, inquire about the relevant information of SZSE-listed companies, put forward to listed companies consulting, advice, complaint or other relevant questions, or refer to questions brought by other investors to listed companies and corresponding answer by listed companies.

The SZSE requires that all listed companies shall designate special person to take charge of the interaction platform work and promptly handle or answer relevant questions. At the same time, the SZSE clearly requires that listed companies shall properly handle different questions in light of different situations of these questions in the interaction platform, and shall not give any answer in respect of information not publicly disclosed.

The SZSE person in charge of the platform expressed that the internet has been one of important channels for communications between investors and listed companies. The SZSE has built up the “Interaction Platform for SZSE-listed Companies and Investors Relation” by integrating all kinds of resources; the platform is opened to investors and listed companies free of charge; as a result, the platform can not only reasonably use and allocate the resources, but also benefit investors to conduct centralized search, push the information communications and interaction between investors and listed companies to become more standardized, high-efficient and convenient.