Shenzhen Stock Exchange: ETF entering fast growth period, product and system innovation being of great significance

Shenzhen Stock Exchange: ETF entering fast growth period, product and system innovation being of great significance


Recently, Shenzhen Stock Exchange held an ETF business innovation and development workshop, attracting the participation of nearly 50 securities company executives and industry experts, who made an in-depth discussion on the ETF product development and business innovation. According to them, ETF, as an innovative product in our capital market, has been offered an unprecedented development opportunity and is now entering the fast growth period. Therefore, to maintain the proper development of EFT, the product and system innovation is of great significance.

This year, the domestic market scale of ETF has been quickly expanded, and the ETF has become one of the most noteworthy fund products. It is reported that SZSE will boost the development of the listed funds by perfecting the funds market platform, so as to drive the development of ETF and build the SZSE funds market into an interconnected, efficient, stable and cost-effective funds service platform.

According to the participating experts, the appearance of such innovative businesses and products as feeder fund, rating fund, stock index futures, margin trading and short selling, has provided the listed funds represented by ETF with richer investment trading strategies, and the long-term investors and short-term investors with larger investment choices.

According to the expert analysis, SZSE 300 Index is the core index that represents the characteristics of Shenzhen market. Focusing on the emerging industries (up to 43%), it is consistent with the development direction of Chinese economy and features a wide coverage over the three boards of Shenzhen market. This index presents an excellent growth, which will be further reflected in the securities market. 

In recent days, SZSE 300 Index received its own ETF. China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd issued SZSE 300 Index ETF on August 15. The attendees held an optimistic opinion on the investment of ETF. According to them, SZSE 300 Index, as a core index with considerable long-term return and highly consistent with the industry development direction and economic structure adjustment, has a promising development perspective.