Shenzhen Stock Exchange: CNI Large-Middle Cap. Index And CNI Middle-Small Cap. Index Launched


Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. announced on March 20, 2013 to launch CNI Large-middle Cap. Index (Abbreviation: Large-middle Cap., Code: 399400), and CNI Middle-small Cap. Index (Abbreviation: Middle-small Cap., Code: 399401), both of which took December 31, 2002 as base day, and 1000 point as base point. The two indices are designed on the one hand to reflect the overall price movement of listed companies of different scales, and on the other hand to enrich and improve CNI scale index system.

It is as early as in 2005 that Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching CNI Large Cap., Middle Cap. and Small Cap. Indices, three of which took CNI 1000 Index as parent index and grouped the listed companies in respect of their market value scales. Based on the existing scales indices, the newly-issued CNI Large-middle Cap. Index is the combination of CNI Large Cap. Index and CNI Middle Cap Index, whereas CNI Middle-small Cap. Index is the combination of CNI Middle Cap. and CNI Small Cap.. With distinct features, high coverage of market value and long history of data, CNI scale indices system is not only the best tool to research the rotation and cyclical turns of markets of different scales, but also offer good investment target for the exchange traded index products.

According to the statistics, the accumulated yield ratios of CNI Large-middle Cap. Index and CNI Middle-small Cap. Index are respectively 138% and 163% from the base day to February 28, 2013.

More detailed material on the index can be found on the website of CNI Index(