Shenzhen Stock Exchange And Shenzhen Securities Information: Culture Sector Indices Launched


Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. jointly announced on November 9, 2012 to issue SZSE Culture Index (Abbreviation: SZSE Culture, Code: 399654) and CNINFO OCT Culture Index (Abbreviation: OCT Culture, Code: 399397). Both indices take June 30, 2009 as the base date, and 1000 points as base point.

In recent years, the culture sector enjoy a rapid growth, ushering into a significant strategic phase brimming with opportunities, with an increasing number of companies in culture sector going public. Being the first of its kind in the country, the newly launched culture indices fill in the blank record of culture sector indices in domestic capital market. SZSE Culture Index and OCT Culture Index respectively reflect the overall price movement of public companies in culture sectors at Shenzhen Market alone and both Shenzhen and Shanghai Markets, and are thus capable of providing indexation investment targets in culture sector for the market.

Innovation has been made in the choice of samples for SZSE Culture Index and OCT Culture Index. On the basis of culture sector category set out by National Bureau of Statistics, such enterprises as engaging in manufacture and sale of culture equipment have been filtered out, whereas such emerging culture enterprises as involving in creative design, new media have been added to the sample. Being in line with people’s common understanding of culture, the innovative choice of sample is marked with market-orient feature.

As the data shows, culture sector indices outperform the major indices of the two markets from July1, 2009 to October 31, 2012, during which the cumulative gain of SZSE Culture Index is 39.38%, and OCT Culture Index 20.14%, whereas that of SZSE Component Index is -26.77%, and CNINFO A Share Index -17.96%.

As reported by Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd., CNINFO OCT Culture Index is sponsored by and titled after Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co., Ltd.. More detailed introduction to the SZSE Culture Index and OCT Culture Index can be found on the website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange ( and the website of CNINFO Index(