Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd, China Central Television: CCTV Financial 50 Dimension Leading Indices Published


Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SSIC”) and the Financial Channel of China Central Television (hereinafter referred to as “CCTV”) recently announced that the CCTV Financial 50 Dimension Leading Indices were published on June 6 2013. All taking June 30 2010 as the base date and 2563.07 points as the base value, the indices family is consisted of the CCTV Financial 50 Innovation Index (Code: 399551, Abbreviation: CCTV Innovation), the CCTV Financial 50 Growth Index (Code: 399552, Abbreviation: CCTV Growth), the CCTV Financial 50 Return Index (Code: 399553, Abbreviation: CCTV Return), the CCTV Financial 50 Governance Index (Code: 399554, Abbreviation: CCTV Governance), and the CCTV Financial 50 Responsibility Index (Code: 399555, Abbreviation: CCTV Responsibility).

Since the listing on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in June 2012, the CCTV Financial 50 Index has been in good operational condition and smooth security management. It continues to out-perform the markets with rapid development of indexed products, earning praise from all sides. To give further play to the demonstration and guidance role of the index, the CCTV Financial 50 Dimension Leading Indices were developed by SSIC and CCTV in hands with Peking University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Nankai University and Central University of Finance and Economics.

The CCTV Financial 50 Dimension Leading Indices are important members in the family of the CCTV Financial 50 Indices. Adhering to the indexing concept of the CCTV Financial 50 Index, the new indices respectively selected the top 50 companies as samples based on the five investment dimensions widely accepted by the international market. The launch of the indices strengthens the “5-Dimension Evaluation System” methodology of the CCTV Financial 50 Index, and bears positive significance for listed companies’ sustainable development strategies and advocation of value investment.

As indicated by statistics, the fundamentals of the CCTV Financial 50 Dimension Leading Indices showed outstanding performance, yet representing distinct features. Their historical performance exceeded the market’s average records, yet with significant difference in risk and return characteristics. The indices family has built up an effective market benchmark for categorization of listed companies characterized by innovation, growth, return, governance and responsibility. They also provide new instruments for relevant thematic investment and indexing investment.

For details of the CCTV Financial 50 Dimension Leading Indices, please visit the website of CHINDEX (