Shanghai Stock Exchange social responsibility index released

Shanghai Stock Exchange Social Responsibility Index Released Today


The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and China Securities Index Co., Ltd. published the compilation scheme for SSE Social Responsibility Index on July 21. Upon trial operation for a period, the index (with the short description of “Responsibility Index” and the code of “000048”) is officially released today.

The constituents of the index are composed of 100 SSE-listed stocks with good performance in fulfillment of social responsibility, with the base day on June 30, 2009 and the base point of 1,000. According to statistics, the index’s average social contribution value per share of RMB2.42 and average earning per share of RMB0.69 in 2008 were both higher than the average level of SSE-listed stocks, which fully embodied the thematic character of social responsibility. The objective of the introduction of SSE Social Responsibility Index is to encourage the listed companies to actively perform their social responsibilities, provide investors with a new investment target and popularize the concept of socially responsible investment.

As of August 4, the SSE Social Responsibility Index had closed at 1,198.69 points, seeing an increase of 19.87% compared with that on the base day of June 30, 2009.