Shanghai Stock Exchange partners with Fudan University

Shanghai Stock Exchange partners with Fudan University

On the morning of June 22, on the trading floor of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) the signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation between the SSE and Fudan University was held, at which the two parties signed the memorandum of cooperation featured in professional training, collaboration in scientific research and sharing of intelligence resources, thus officially establishing a partnership. Attending the signing ceremony were SSE President Zhang Yujun, Vice President Gui Yonghao of Fudan University and relevant personnel.

Through the partnership, the two parties desire to realize the exchange of resources and the complement of advantages, to deepen their social influence in relevant areas and make joint efforts to promote the building of Shanghai into an international financial center as well as the reform and development of China’s capital market. It is learnt that under the cooperation framework, the SSE will facilitate the visits and social practices of the students from Fudan University in the SSE, while Fudan University will support the SSE’s personnel training. The two parties will also carry out joint research on their commonly interested advanced subjects in the fields of securities and finance, engage each other’s experts to conduct teaching and scientific research and jointly establish the post-doctoral workstation.

In his speech at the ceremony, Zhang noted that the SSE has always attached great importance to the construction of professional ranks and long dedicated itself to the exploration of the new professional training model and the digging of resources for professional training. Therefore, early this year, the SSE made special study and formulated the plan of establishing the partnership with domestic and overseas famous academies and financial institutions. The partnership with Fudan University contributes not only to the training of SSE’s financial talents and their research on securities and finance, but also to the extension of scope and domain of the SSE’s professional training. All of the above is of great importance to the building of the SSE into a world-renowned exchange and Shanghai into an international financial center.

Gui stated in his speech that as a famous university boasting over a-hundred-year splendid history, Fudan University has always readily assumed its social responsibilities: pursuing advancement, concern for people’s livelihood, nurturing talents and serving economy. The partnership established by Fudan University together with the SSE this time provided a sound learning and practice platform for the students of Fudan University as well as enabled the two parties to make full use of their advantages to promote the building of Shanghai into an international financial center.

At the signing ceremony, the two parties inaugurated the “SSE Social Practice Base for Students of Fudan University”.