Shanghai Stock Exchange announcement on switching to new trading system

Shanghai Stock Exchange announcement on switching to new trading system



After years of elaborate preparations and several tests on the whole market, the New Generation Trading System of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) will be put into operation as a substitute for the existing one on November 23, 2009 upon approval by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Systems directly connected to the SSE such as that of the securities companies will be simultaneously switched at that time.

The adoption of the new trading system, an overall change to the existing one by the bourse, will not directly affect the investors, who are using the business systems of the securities companies.

Putting the new trading system into use is a systematic project covering wide areas and involving complicated technologies. The SSE has made careful and ample preparations to ensure the smooth operation of trading.

What's more, the bourse has formulated relevant contingency plans for possible risks. In case of any abnormal trading resulting from malfunction of the system, the bourse will take necessary measures in time according to the "Detailed Implementation Rules on Handling Abnormal Trading of the SSE (Trial)". If the trading can not be carried out in a normal way due to the system's malfunction, the bourse will close the market. And if the trading can not be resumed on the day when the system goes wrong and on the following day, the bourse will switch back to the existing system for trading.