SGX offers new features to enhance market transparency

SGX offers new features to enhance market transparency


Singapore Exchange (SGX) is improving its securities market opening and closing routines to enhance transparency and trading safeguards.

The initiatives effective 26 September 2011 are:

  • the publication of real-time indicative equilibrium prices during the Opening and Closing Routines
  • random ending to the Pre-Open and Pre-Close phases of the Opening and Closing Routines.

SGX is also improving trading functionalities available to market participants on 26 September 2011. Following the start of the Reach trading engine last month, SGX will offer new order types, allowing investors more flexibility in the execution of their orders. These orders types are “Market on Open and Market on Close (both market orders and market-to-limit orders)” and “Session State Orders”.

Mr Gan Seow Ann, President of SGX said, “We are pleased to be able to better meet customers’ need for increased transparency, richer functionalities, greater capacity, and improved latency with these initiatives. Improvement and innovation are necessary to enhance Singapore’s edge as a leading financial centre. We will continue to offer new market features and initiatives for the benefit of all market participants.”

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