SGX China A50 futures and Nikkei 225 options fastest growing contracts globally

Equity index derivatives led most of the growth in Asia, in particular those on the Japanese and Chinese markets. SGX’s China A50 futures and Nikkei 225 options have been flagged as the top two in a FIA league table on growth in equity index futures & options.

Global and Asian figures were impacted by technical changes to KOSPI options. Excluding this single contract, Global and Asian growth numbers would be 7.4% and 12.8% respectively. SGX growth of 39% in 2013 remains higher than these adjusted numbers.

China’s importance is growing quickly and the volume in SGX’s China suite is growing in tandem. Going forward, more liberalization can be expected from China and the SGX is introducing new China-related products in the equity, FX and commodities space.