RTS Stock Exchange launches a new index family, RTS Oil

RTS Stock Exchange launches a new index family, RTS Oil


On October 6, 2011 RTS Stock Exchange starts calculating the RTS Oil family of indices on the basis of international markets oil products prices adjusted to include logistic costs and taxes.

The family of the new indices will be distributed under the code RTS Oil.

By launching the RTS Oil Indices RTS Stock Exchange enters a new segment of commodity prices indices.

The new indices will allow setting comparative value benchmarks for oil products which will be exported or sold on the Russian domestic market. These instruments will provide new opportunities for forecasting and price analysis by producers and consumers of oil products in Russia, analysts of the oil & gas market, oil products traders and representatives of state agencies.

Simplicity of the calculation algorithm, transparency and accessibility of the information, free access to indices values for all categories of users, reliability of the data acquisition system and indices calculations, minimization of operation risk are the main principles taken into account by the Exchange for the calculation of RTS Oil Indices. 

The Indices will be calculated and refreshed once a day on the basis of prices on oil products in the international trade centers (using data of international information agencies), current costs of oil products transportation from an petroleum refinery to the international trade center and rates of taxes, excises and custom duties.