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Equity volumes in 2011 remained stable despite a fall in market capitalization, while derivatives, bonds, ETFs, and securitized derivatives continued to grow strongly, according to figures released today by the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE). WFE statistics are culled from WFE member exchanges, which continued to increase their listings and diversify their product offerings in 2011.

Johannesburg (13 October 2011) – The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) at its 51st General Assembly and Annual Meeting in Johannesburg commended the Tokyo Stock Exchange and The Egyptian Exchange for their markets’ efforts to remain operational during the turbulence affecting both countries in 2011. WFE saluted the Tokyo Stock Exchange and The Egyptian Exchange for observing scheduled trading sessions and representing the strength of their respective countries in the face of adversity. Their understanding of the important role of international markets in an environment where cross-border trading has become ubiquitous tracks closely with the mission of the WFE to bring the world’s regulated exchanges together in order to improve the quality of markets.

(12 October 2011, Johannesburg) Leaders from more than 60 of the world’s foremost exchanges gathered in Johannesburg, South Africa, this week for the 51st General Assembly and Annual Meeting of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), the association of regulated stock, futures, and options exchanges. WFE develops and promotes high regulatory standards in markets to assure their transparency, fairness, and certainty of execution.

(Paris, 26 September 2011). The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) announced that the recipient of the WFE Award for Excellence this year will be Professor Mervyn King, the incoming Chairman of the International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC). South Africa native Professor King is designated for this Award in recognition of his work in leading national commissions on corporate governance reform, and for driving forward a financial reporting framework that is better able to accommodate the complexity and need for transparency in this period of financial and economic turmoil – an Integrated Report.

Paris (July 21, 2011) – The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) today released the half-year trading figures for regulated markets worldwide. Strong growth was registered in the market capitalization of stock exchanges, a measure of the total value of listed companies. Exchange-traded futures and options registered higher volumes in most asset classes. The complete report may be viewed here:

MUMBAI (26 April, 2011) – Leaders of the derivatives exchanges and clearinghouse members of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) will assemble 1-4 May for the 28th annual International Options Market Association (IOMA) meeting, which will focus on regulatory initiatives affecting clearing standards and over-the-counter derivatives, trends in market liquidity and exchange consolidation. The meeting takes place following one of the most successful years for trading on exchanges. According to the annual survey by WFE the options and futures traded on exchanges globally increased by 25%.

PARIS (March 7, 2011) – Trading in derivatives contracts on regulated exchanges worldwide surged to the highest levels in nearly a decade in 2010, according to statistics compiled by the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE). More than 22.4 billion derivative contracts were traded on exchanges worldwide in 2010 (11.2 billion futures and 11.1 billion options) against 17.8 billion in 2009.

Paris (Feb 7, 2011) – Global equity market capitalization on regulated exchanges increased 14.9 percent to $54.8 trillion (USD) in 2010 as markets continued their rebound from the 2008 financial crisis, the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) reported in its annual publication of market statistics.

Paris (6 December 2010) –Leaders from the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) expressed concern about continued high risk in today’s the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives market, and costs to the banking sector necessary to bridge an estimate $2 trillion shortfall for current market exposure.

Paris (29 November 2010) - The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and the International Options Market Association (IOMA) have submitted a public comment letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner urging the Treasury Department not to exempt over-the-counter (OTC) foreign exchange (FX) swaps and FX forwards from mandatory clearing and execution requirements that are imposed on other standardized derivatives products under the recently enacted Dodd-Frank Act.