Oslo Børs Emphasises The Nordic Dimension For The Bond Market


As part of its Nordic focus, Oslo Børs announces that Oslo ABM has changed its name to Nordic ABM. Nordic ABM targets fixed income issuers throughout the Nordic region, and a number of Nordic issuers have already listed bond issues on Nordic ABM. Since the Burgundy markets will become part of the Oslo Børs offer in June, a new fixed income market will be added to the trading system which will allow trading in fixed income instruments intended for Swedish investors that are denominated in Swedish kronor.

Oslo Børs launched Oslo ABM in 2005 as an alternative marketplace for listing and trading in bonds and short-term fixed income instruments (certificate loans). The Oslo ABM marketplace quickly proved successful, and there are now more issues listed on Nordic ABM than on the Oslo Børs marketplace.

"We have seen strong growth in the Nordic fixed income market over recent years, with fixed income issues becoming an ever more important source of financing for Nordic companies. In parallel with this, fixed income instruments have become an attractive investment alternative for many investors. This provides a good foundation for Nordic ABM to become the preferred listing venue for bonds and certificate loans in the Nordic region", comments Bente A. Landsnes, President and CEO of Oslo Børs.