NYSE Liffe US announces September 8 launch date for its first products based on MSCI indices

NYSE Liffe US Announces September 8 Launch Date For Its First Products Based On MSCI Indices


NYSE Liffe US , the innovative new U.S. futures exchange of NYSE Euronext (NYX), today announced that it has set a September 8 launch date for its first three equity index futures, based on the MSCI USA, Emerging Markets (EM) and EAFE indices.  These products are the first to be launched under a May licensing agreement between NYSE Liffe US and MSCI Inc. (NYSE: MXB), a leading provider of investment decision support tools worldwide.   With more than 40 unique futures products based on MSCI international equity market indices, investors will have access to highly-liquid investment tools to efficiently capture global equity market exposure with the safety and transparency of a centrally cleared, electronic market.

“NYSE Liffe US is thrilled with the highly-positive response that the products on MSCI USA , EM and EAFE have received from our global customer base,” said Thomas F. Callahan, NYSE Euronext Executive Vice President, Head of U.S. Futures.  “The MSCI family of indices is uniquely suited to NYSE Euronext’s multi-asset exchange model with natural trading and hedging opportunities in equities, options and exchange-traded products, reducing costs and increasing liquidity across our diverse markets.”

“We are delighted that futures based on our benchmark MSCI USA, Emerging Markets and EAFE indices will be the first of many products based on MSCI indices that will trade on NYSE Liffe US,” said David Brierwood, Chief Operating Officer, MSCI Inc.  “With their unique methodology, MSCI indices are amongst the most respected and consistent global benchmarks utilized by investors around the world.   We are pleased to work with NYSE Liffe US to make these indices broadly available to the futures marketplace and we look forward to the launch of more products by NYSE Liffe US this year and in 2010.”

These products represent NYSE Liffe US’ entry into a new asset class beyond the initial gold and silver contracts it opened with in September 2008.  MSCI, which calculates over 120,000 equity indices daily, introduced its global equity benchmarks over 40 years ago.

NYSE Liffe US launched trading in September 2008 as a fully electronic, liquid market for 100 oz. gold futures, 5,000 oz. silver futures, options on gold and silver futures, and mini-sized 33.2 oz. gold and 1,000 oz. silver futures.  NYSE Liffe US   utilizes the proven LIFFE CONNECT® trading platform designed and maintained by NYSE Technologies.OCC is clearing house for NYSE Liffe US’ MSCI futures contracts as well as all ETF options and index options trading on NYSE Arca, creating unparalleled margin efficiencies for NYSE Euronext customers.