NYSE Euronext Introduces NYSE Governance Services, Enabling Companies To Lead In The Global Regulatory And Compliance Environment


NYSE Euronext (NYX) today announced the launch of NYSE Governance Services, an integrated suite of resources for public and privately-held companies seeking to create a leadership advantage through corporate governance, risk, ethics and compliance practices.

NYSE Governance Services leverages the expertise of Corpedia®, a leader in risk assessment and e-learning for ethics and compliance, and Corporate Board Member®, a trusted source on governance matters for company directors and C-level executives - both NYSE Euronext companies. It educates and works with companies on implementing measurable practices that help them uphold the standards expected of them by their shareholders, customers, the public and the law.

"Corporate governance practices are increasingly critical to a company's overall performance, reputation and brand and are vital for maintaining stability and confidence in public companies and the corporate world," NYSE Euronext Head of Global Issuer Services Jean-Marc Levy said.

"There is a growing demand among company officials for actionable, pragmatic and measurable tools at a time where the governance landscape is complex and rapidly evolving and shareholders, regulators and the public are applying greater scrutiny than ever."

NYSE Governance Services enables companies to create a culture of leadership, ethics and compliance while addressing the interests of all stakeholders, including company directors and C-level executives.

NYSE Governance Services offers a range of training programs, advisory services, benchmarking analysis and scorecards, exclusive access to peer-to-peer events and thought leadership on key governance topics for company directors and C-level executives. Public and private companies worldwide are welcome as clients.

VIDEO: For a Q&A with NYSE Euronext Head of Global Issuer Services Jean-Marc Levy, click here.

For more information, visit https://usequities.nyx.com/listings/governance

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