New FTSE ST Catalist Index goes live on 22 June 2009

New FTSE ST Catalist Index goes live on 22 June 2009

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) and FTSE Group (FTSE) extend the coverage of the Singapore market under its partnership arrangement with the launch of the new FTSE ST Catalist Index on 22 June 2009.

The FTSE ST Catalist Index will start with 35 Catalist sponsored companies (listed in Annex 1) that meet the eligibility criteria as at 27 February 2009.

All IPOs and companies transitioned to sponsor status will be added at the next semi-annual review which occurs in March and September.

To facilitate historical analysis of the index, backcast values of the FTSE ST Catalist Index have been calculated, with the index beginning at 1000 since 19 September 2008.

The real-time, intra-day values of the index will be

SGX Catalist


FTSE will distribute the new index in real-time to distributors globally via its Global Distribution System, and will also display the end-of-day index values on its website at Details of the eligibility criteria and Ground Rules for the FTSE ST Catalist Index can also be found on the FTSE website.

Note from the editor : Catalist is a SGX’s market segment dedicated to SMEs.