NASDAQ OMX launches new fixed income index

NASDAQ OMX launches new fixed income index


NASDAQ OMX Stockholm announces that it has launched a new fixed income index named OMRX All Index, which will act as a benchmark for the Swedish bond and money markets. The index includes treasury bills, nominal treasury bonds as well as nominal bonds from major mortgage institutions. The OMRX All Index will be added to NASDAQ OMX' new expanded OMRX fixed income index family.

Effective November 19, NASDAQ OMX existing index series (ALLA, OTHER, STAT and SSV) will be incorporated into the OMRX index family and rulebook. The new name standard is introduced to simplify and facilitate the comparability of NASDAQ OMX fixed income indexes. Significant indexes included in the OMRX series are OMRX Bond All Index and OMRX Mortgage Bond All, which together with the new OMRX All Index will form a sub-index family suitable for investors looking to utilize broad mortgage issuer diversification.

Magdalena Hartman, Vice President NASDAQ OMX Global Index Group said, “The launch of OMRX All Index together with the new OMRX Bond All Index and OMRX Mortgage Bond All Index is a direct response to customer demand for broader benchmark indexes that covers multiple mortgage issuers. Moreover, by harmonizing the name standard and rulebook for our fixed income index family we make them more accessible and visible to our customers.”

Jonas Pripp, Head of fixed income at Swedbank Robur commented, “It is very positive that NASDAQ OMX now takes the step to expand its OMRX index family. These types of indexes are in demand among our large institutional clients and we also intend to change benchmark to the new indexes for our fixed income funds. The new indexes reflect actual market conditions for Swedish covered mortgage bonds, which implies an increased diversification, leading to better products for our customers. For us, a reliable and dynamic supplier is just as important as transparency, diversification and index replicability.”