NASDAQ OMX Data Center expands power and connectivity offerings

NASDAQ OMX Data Center expands power and connectivity offerings


The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:NDAQ) today announced two new Access Services offerings, Super Cab and 40G Client Connectivity, which provide NASDAQ OMX Data Center customers with the highest cabinet power, fastest access and highest bandwidth available in an exchange's co-location facility. The launch of Super Cab is effective immediately and 40G Client Connectivity will launch subject to filing with the Securities Exchange Commission.

Super Cab provides customers at the NASDAQ OMX Data Center with up to 17 kilowatts of power to operate and cool trading equipment within a single cabinet. This is the highest cabinet power available at any exchange's data center. NASDAQ OMX Access Services will utilize an innovative cabinet cooling design that draws the hot equipment exhaust into a custom cabinet chimney for maximum power at a high efficiency level. Super Cab provides customers with efficiencies in their co-location infrastructure. The solution also reduces cabinet-to-cabinet connectivity latency and maintains reliability with fully redundant power capacity.

40G Client Connectivity provides customers at the NASDAQ OMX Data Center in the U.S. the ability to access all of the exchange group's U.S. markets through a single ultra low latency connection. Network latency on 40G is expected to be reduced by an average of 7 microseconds roundtrip compared to the current 10G connectivity option available to co-location clients. The service offers the fastest access with the highest bandwidth available at any exchange. In addition, customers can use 40G Client Connectivity to access all data feeds offered in the NASDAQ OMX Data Center, including NASDAQ OMX market data and many other U.S. exchange feeds and consolidated feeds.

Stacie Swanstrom, Vice President of Transaction Services at NASDAQ OMX, said, "NASDAQ OMX is pleased to be the first exchange to offer these innovative co-location solutions."

She added, "Super Cab and 40G Client Connectivity add to the most advanced offerings available at the NASDAQ OMX Data Center, providing the highest tiers in a suite of services for power, access and bandwidth."

The NASDAQ OMX Data Center is a leading liquidity center and one of the largest U.S. trading hubs in the world. It hosts both equities and options markets and provides access to all major industry market data feeds, multiple telecommunications providers and leading trading technology and services.

NASDAQ OMX Access Services operates NASDAQ OMX co-location. Co-location is available to all market participants and provides customers the opportunity to place their own trading systems within the NASDAQ OMX Data Center with equal distance to the matching engine. Access Services also offers various levels of power, access and bandwidth within the NASDAQ OMX Data Center to give customers options according to their individual needs.