NASDAQ OMX Commodities Genium INET to go live 5 March 2012

NASDAQ OMX Commodities Genium INET to go live 5 March 2012


NASDAQ OMX Commodities Genium INET will be launched 5 March 2012 (ref. exchange and clearing information no. 19/11, 27/11, 43/11 and 49/11). The weekend 3-4 March will feature mandatory activities for all members. Exchange and IT information with overviews of the launch preparation activities, launch weekend plan and roll back framework will be distributed in the beginning of February. Additional activities and plans will be updated through exchange notices or member IT notices if necessary.

Member extranet
All documents will be published under the member extranet under a separate section dedicated to the go live documents. Please contact your key account manager for a username if do not yet have one.

Exchange launch communications
For each member, the Genium INET Commodities project manager/main migration contact is regarded as the launch manager. The launch weekend contact and e-mail list contains all contacts earlier received from all members, Independent Software Vendors, market data vendors, service bureaux and data centres. If you want additional persons being included in the exchange launch communications, please send the name of the contacts to including e-mail address and phone number at the latest 9 February.

Launch preparations

  • Members should use the coming weeks to connect from their upcoming Genium INET Commodities production environments towards the NASDAQ OMX Genium INET production environment, which is available for telnet testing. Please note that it will not be possible to log on to the production environment before the go live weekend. NASDAQ OMX Commodities recommends that these tests are done as early as possible. Please verify your applicable protocols and report your results to no later than 13 February. Follow this link for the IP addresses and ports document for the production environment.
  • FIX users are reminded of the need to order production fix sessions and production passwords as they will not be migrated over from Ext4. Please contact for more information.
  • If you need GCF production data from go live and onwards, please send a request to If you are a FIX protocol user, this can be relevant for you.
  • Members that wish to use CW2 over extranet are kindly asked to contact
  • The test system is available every workday from 08.00 to 15.30 CET until go live. Maintenance window as usual between 06.00-12.00 (CET) each Wednesday. Please see this link for details on connectivity.

Communication during the launch weekend
For communication NASDAQ OMX will use a combination of e-mail list contacts, exchange/IT notices and updates on the Genium INET member extranet. NASDAQ OMX may also contact individual members for confirmation by mail or phone.

Subscribe to Genium INET migration newsletters
It is highly recommended that all key contacts (Project Managers, main trading contacts, and main back-office contacts) within member organizations (and Independent Software Vendors organizations) subscribe to the Genium INET newsletters (also known as IT notices). Please follow this link to subscribe to newsletters:

Support will be available during the launch weekend including technical support (, Trade Support and Member Services ( Contact information and availability is published in the launch weekend plan and at the Genium INET for Commodities Member extranet.

NASDAQ OMX Commodities reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to postpone the launch if deemed necessary.