Moscow Exchange Launches Trading In Futures On Yandex N.V. Ordinary Shares


This is the first Russian exchange-traded contract on shares traded on foreign trading floors. The introduction of this new derivatives instrument to the Russian market has been driven by recent changes in regulations adopted by Russia"s Federal Financial Markets Service.

Futures contracts on Yandex N.V. ordinary shares with settlement in September and December 2013 will start trading on the Derivatives Market of the Moscow Exchange on June 4, 2013.

Contact brief specification:

Underlying asset Yandex N.V. ordinary shares
Contract name Futures contract on Yandex N.V. ordinary shares
Contract code YNDX ( short – YA)
Contract type Cash-settled contract
Quote currency USD
Lot 100 shares
Tick USD 0.01
Tick value USD1
Settlement months Quarterly (March, June, September, December)
Last trading date/Settlement date 15 (fifteenth) day of the Contract"s settlement month of the settlement year
Settlement price YNDX price following the results of NASDAQ trades (close price) on the last trading day in the futures contract on the Moscow Exchange
Initial Margin 15%
Exchange fee RUB2

Contract specification